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Introducing Crisp Law’s Soon-To-Be Graduates

Meet Diana and Shereen, Crisp Law’s newest clerks and soon-to-be graduates.

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NSW: Is an Adjudication Decision Binding on a Subsequent Adjudication?

Discussion of the New South Wales’ position on the issue of whether an adjudication determination is ‘binding.’

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The Harlech (ACT) Decision and Implications: are Adjudication Decisions Binding?

Delve into the ACT Court of Appeal’s decision in Harlech Enterprises Pty Ltd v Beno Excavations Pty Ltd [2022] ACTCA 42 and the binding effect of adjudication decisions under the SOP Act.

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Crisp Case Note - Roberts v Goodwin

The key findings in Roberts v Goodwin Street Developments Pty Ltd [2023] NSWCA 5 and the implications it has on building and construction professionals.

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A Postscript to our ‘Facts Win Matters’ Owners Corporation Cost Recovery

Acknowledgment of the principles underpinning an award of cost and why our recent cost application was successful.

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Insuring Against Defects: Is Decennial Insurance Effective?

 Discussion of the recent amendments to the Strata Schemes Management Act (section 211AA) and the proposed form of “decennial insurance”.

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Workplace Death Leads to $2 Million Fine (Synergy Scaffolding)

Review of due diligence obligations upon Directors and Officers in light of the recent SafeWork NSW v Synergy Scaffolding Services Pty Ltd [2022] NSWDC 584 judgement.

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Inherent Defects Insurance Policy – Jan 2023

Examine claims made regarding the supposed new insurance product against the policy wording.

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