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Our lawyers have been advising on project risk for 20 years with an ethos of prevention is better than cure.  We work closely with clients to identify risk and manage that risk throughout the project cycle.


From contract reviews, through negotiation of contracts and drafting (and backing down risk) we advise with a focus on legislative, project specific and commercial risk.  But it doesn’t stop there.

Our advisory role extends deep into the project cycle ensuring client objectives are achieved: relationships managed and the bottom line secured.


Compliance and Risk Programs (CARPS).

We develop compliance and risk programs for contractor clients introducing a discipline around identification of and management of risk.

Contract manuals can be developed with flowcharts and proforma notices for an agreed fixed fee. The focus is on preserving entitlements.


We regularly run client seminars (in client offices and free of charge) keeping project teams abreast of changes in law or simply refreshing knowledge around key matters such as Security of Payments.

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