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Our lawyers have experience at the ‘front-end’ advising on policies and at the ‘back-end’ in claims litigation. We understand construction risk insurance, third-party liability, professional indemnity, industrial special risk and corporate policies such as D&O.

Insurance reviews

We advise principals, contractors, consultants, architects, engineers and other industry participants on their policies.

Our focus is on ensuring policies respond and are not compromised by project documentation requirements or policy exclusions and appropriate coverage is available.


The firm has been involved in a number of large scale insurance litigation matters particularly in relation to construction risk insurance and policy coverage disputes.

This experience allows us to provide to you quick and accurate claims assistance and guidance.

Due diligence

Insurance requirements will differ depending on the project structure. For clients, insurance needs aren’t only project specific, corporate policies such as directors and officers and trade credit insurances are often overlooked or insufficient.

We regularly conduct insurance audits and due diligence on clients and their projects.

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